Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yard Sale Siren

The call of the yard sale beckoned me last week! I rarely go to the sales. We seem to have them year round here because of the warm weather. Each Thursday and Friday, the handmade signs sprout up on all the corners and intersections. But, I already have too much stuff, so I usually ignore them. But this sign kept calling to me. So, when I had to pick up Damien early from school, I dropped by. It was almost the end of the first day, but I still found some good bargains! These little cream pitchers were only $1 for both. The scalloped one has a chip on the base, but is still usable. I think they are old, they do not have seams like pressed glass.

The lady having the sale said her mother had recently passed away. Her mother was an artist. I think her dad was re-locating and together they were holding the sale. this was a small watercolor that her mom had painted.

Here is another watercolor, same size as the first. $5 each.

I thought the purples and greens in the paintings would look good in my master bath, which is also purple and green. Here they are hanging on the wall. Tony helped me clean them and hang them.
They also had a lot of old linens. I got this 50s style table cloth for $1 and napkins for .50c. We started using cloth napkins this year in an effort to "go green" and not waste so much paper. It turns out that cloth napkins are closely related to socks! They go to the laundry, but then somehow disappear and never make it back to the napkin basket we keep on the table. I don't know why this happens. I have a feeling that somewhere in my attic there is a squirrel with a great sock and napkin collection!
Here is a handmade mirror that I purchased for $12.50. It is about 3 ft. wide and has blue leaded glass worked all around it. It is wired so I can hang it either way.

I also got a huge 9 x 12 blue wool rug with carved floral pattern all around for $35. It is still rolled up until I can move things around and get it on the floor. It just about gave us a hernia and ruptured discs, trying to get it in the house!

Overall, it was a good sale. I also bought some pen and ink drawings of cats and wooded landscapes for .25c each. I like to think that the artist's spirit called out to all fellow artists to come and buy her lovely stuff and that I heard that call. I have not had the urge to go to another sale, but her daughter said she was going to have another one in November, because her mother loved Christmas and had a ton of decorations and several trees each year. I'm going to make a point to go back early on the day of that sale to see what other treasurers I can find!

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