Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Fall Decorations

The kids are wondering 'why all the decorations?" Since I've had to slow my pace because of my knee injury, I've had more time for the crafts and art I used to do pre-kids. I've re-purposed some of the things I have to decorate for Fall. It is so nice to have some "Fall-ish" weather! I'm talking mid 70s instead of 90s! Cool nights instead of it never getting below 80! The leaves haven't turned. There's no nip in the air, but it is getting closer to Fall! I took a jar that Damien won a few years ago in a race and filled it with cheese popcorn (the jar had been filled with M&Ms. The kids ate 2 bags of the cheese corn and are eye-ing this!) Do you recognize the two little pitchers I bought recently at a yard sale? We filled these with un-popped corn and added an Indian corn pick in each one. The candle was on sale at Target for $1. The leaves are silk.

This is a little scarecrow wreath I got at Eckerd's a few years ago. I miss Eckerd's! They were owned by Penny's and had great decorating items for a drug store! We did nothing but hang this on the back door.

I made these little cone shaped decorations from Dollar Tree items. A roll of brown wrapping paper with little gold stars (you can use brown paper bags too) and a fall pick with a bit of twine tied around. I hung these on the shutters on the front of the house.

Finally, my last Fall wreath! This one is made of pumpkins and a crow plus more of the stinky leaves I bought and a feather pick. It is hanging by the front door of the house on the porch. My front door has a full glass screen door so it is difficult to hang things on the actual door. I have a wreath of red berries hanging there. It is small, flat and matches the color of the door, so it stays up year round and I decorate the wall next to the door. Guess I am done for a while with decorating. We'll bring out some of our Halloween stuff in a week or so. The kids love to do this decorating. Then we'll trade out for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Last year I let Becca do all the Christmas decorating. She enjoys picking through all our stuff and deciding what to put out and what to use on the tiny tree we put up!

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