Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Decorating

I've been in the mood for fall - all the summer heat is getting pretty tiring! So, when fall decorations started appearing in the stores, I thought I'd re-purpose a couple of things into a new fall wreath. My brother made some grapevine wreaths a few years ago. Mom gave me two. I had decorated this one with silk magnolias and some blue flower and ribbon that was navy with gold suns and moons on it. It went well with our country blue house. Here, Lily and Teddy are supervising as I start taking it all apart and cleaning the vines of all the dust and cobwebs.
I also had a HUGE vase of grapevines (silk) and fall foliage -pussy willows, sea grass, etc. It sat on one side of the mantel. I decided to use some of this for the wreath. I moved it to the kitchen so I could get the dust off (it's been a while since it had a good dusting!) Rich and all 3 kids came in that afternoon and asked where it had came from! Three years it has sat in the living room on the mantel! Guess it is time to change some things around!

Here's the vine with the grape leaves added. It's looking better!

After studying it for a while, I decided it needed a little more "fall" stuff. So on a visit to Michael's craft store, I picked up some fall colored leaves and a few picks of fall gourds, etc. and added it to the wreath. Here it is on the front door inside. Problem is, the leaves were sprayed with something and they smell! Musty!!! I let them air out overnight. I sprayed them with Lysol! They STILL smell! Right now, the wreath is airing on the back porch carport. If they don't improve, I guess this will become an outdoor wreath!! I have one more vine wreath - maybe I can make it with some foliage that dosent smell!

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