Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lilly Loves Teddy & Our Family of Cats

This is Ivy. She's 10 years old. We got her when we bought our house. Our other cat had been killed by a stray dog at our rental house when we first moved here. We rescued her from the pound back in 1998. Her cage tag had a code that indicated it was her last day before she was to be put to sleep. She was about 3 months old and bow legged! She is not a lap cat - has always cried when she is picked up. But she loves to be petted and will sneak up and sleep on you at night. She loves to eat - anything!! We say that she takes on different nationality personas, depending on the food! Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. She also loves junk food like Cheetos. We have to be careful now that she is older to not give her too many people snacks - she has kitty special diet food and snacks instead!

This is Bitzy - she's seven years old. My mom gave her to us in 2001 when we went to Kentucky to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. She's a little camera shy, but a very pretty cat. She is adjusting to the new kittens. They want to be friends, but she only tolerates them.

This is Liger (Momma Kitty). She's part Maine Coon, but she has a very sweet face. She lives outside with her older son. She's a sweet, but chubby cat!

This is Simba - he's also part Maine Coon. I believe his father is all Maine Coon. He has more of a "Lion" face which is more typical of Maine Coons. They get to be BIG cats!! Sometimes up to 35 lbs!! Simba is a hefty 15 lbs and is only 1 1/2 years old. He's a big baby, though!! He wishes he could be inside with the kittens. He like you to hold him! He will lay on his back and purr and make muffins in the air while you brush his belly! He loves to play with his little brother and sister when they come outside. They will soon big almost as big as he is!

This is Theodore Bear (Teddy) and Tiger Lilly. Teddy is already 8 lbs at 6 months old. Lilly is a dainty 6.5 lbs. Our kittens were in a happy mood a few days ago! It's nice having two cats that get along after 7 years of our two calico cats hating each other!! Ivy lives downstairs, Bitzy lives upstairs!!! These two are litter mates, and very happily get along. They also love the two outdoor cats . But we have cats everywhere!!! The last of them - Lilly - was spayed this week. She also had a belly button hernia (common in cats) and that was fixed. We rescued several cats after a neighbor moved and abandoned them. The kittens were born about a month later by one of the rescued cats. Kittens are so cute, but there are too many of them and 100s are put to sleep everyday at local pounds. Just two feral (wild) cats can reproduce and after seven years they and their offspring can produce over 480,000 cats!! A cat can easily live to be 20 years old. Kittens can go into "heat" as early as 5 months and often have 3 heats a year. Cats are wonderful pets and very easy to take care of, provided they are fixed! We love all our cats - they are very lucky and very spoiled!!

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