Thursday, August 14, 2008

Job & Braces

Becca got her first "real" job this summer - cashier at Kroger. Here she is after a LONG couple of days! School started Monday and she went straight to work afterwards. She had Tues. off from work, but on Wednesday she had braces put on her top teeth, then headed to her other job - babysitting at the church. She gets up at 5AM, the bus comes a little after 6AM and school starts at 7AM!!! Too early for me! School is out at 2PM and then it's off to work until 8PM several nights. Luckily, it's not every school night! This is what she looks like coming off a long shift! They wanted her to stay until 1AM!!! Crazy!

Here are the new braces. Might be hard to see, but they are Hot Pink. Just on the top for now. Her teeth are straight, but she had a baby tooth that didn't come out and the impacted tooth under it is pushing toward her front teeth and could damage them if it is not corrected. All that has caused a slight overbite and her left side bite to be off a tiny bit. She will get an expander in the roof of her mouth next month, then bottom braces, later, to correct the bite. If she is lucky, she will only have to wear them for a year and a half. If the baby tooth doesn't loosen up, it will have to be pulled and then possibly a tiny surgery to move the adult tooth in the correct position to "come on down"!!

I'm an ol' pro at braces. I've gone through this with two step daughters, but started my career as a witness to "braces wearers", when I would go to appointments with my best friend in high school! I remember spending a lot of time in dental waiting rooms. I also remember the muscles it took for the two of us to turn the steering wheel of her car in order to parallel park when we got there and again to get out of the parking spot when we left!!

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Vicki G said...

Yes I remember braces! None of those dainty hot pink numbers for me! Mine were teeth-twisting, cheek cutting, ulcerated mouth misery for 3 years! Hope Becca does OK with hers. It will be worth it! And as for the car! We were cruisin' the town in a classic '57 Chevy--we just didn't know it was a classic. The steering wheel was as big as a dish pan and it had no power steering. I needed all the help I could get turning that wheel! Thank heaven for good friends!