Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mr. T.

We got a new kitten about 10 days ago. We all had a rough time after we lost Teddy and we missed him terribly. We had room for a new kitten and knew we would love one, so I started a search for another kitten that was a Maine Coon mix because we found out how smart and loving they are. We wanted another male and a younger kitten than Teddy so he would adjust to our household and our other kitten, Tiger Lilly, who was almost 8 months old. So, introducing Mr. T.!! As you can see, he is happy to be a part of our family!

Mr. T. is officially Thadeus Pierre Keating. He was 3 months old when we got him, but a little small for his age - in fact he was terribly skinny. Still, he took a regal picture!. While he is similar to Teddy, he definitely has his own personality. Physically, he has bigger ears, a longer tail and longer fur than Teddy. His eyes are the strangest color of green - almost aqua. Teddy had yellow eyes and was fat and had a high pitched voice. Mr. T. has a 'cracked' voice and he really likes to talk!
He has taken up with everyone and is certainly a lap cat! Every naptime, he seeks out someone to sleep on or with! And, after only a week, Lilly was completely taken with him. She went from hissing to smelling, to licking, to playing to loving him in just under a week!

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