Friday, July 25, 2008

16th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary this weekend. Rich brought me some beautiful sunflowers yesterday. Had to display them on top of the TV because the cats found them very tasty!!! We are wondering if we can save some of the seeds and try to grown some next year.
Rich couldn't do with one flower arrangement - he brought me two! These were a pretty spring mix, but the cats wanted to eat them too, so they had to go on the kitchen counter!

The boys made us a special truck as a gift - it has our initials and #16 on the top.

I gave Rich a new piece for his model train set up. It is a Halloween train station that lights up and flashes and has spooky music. "All aboard for the Phantom Station - the end of the line!" It will be cool to display at during Halloween. We had a nice dinner and I made Rich's favorite - Chocolate Pie. We will continue our celebration tomorrow and go see "Mamma Mia" and listen to all the old ABBA music!

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